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Sponsor A Horse Hero

Horse Heroes assist with research and teaching at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and the Rutgers Equine Science Center.  Their hard work results in “Better Horse Care through Research and Education” which benefits horses of all ages and breeds.


What is a Horse Hero?

How do I become a Sponsor?

What are the benefits of being a Sponsor?


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[Baby] [Cascade]
[Frankie] [Jackie]
  Sponsored. Sponsored. Sponsored.



Marci Marge
Molly Queenie [Snowdrift] [Stardust]




What is a Horse Hero?

Mares in the research herd at the Rutgers Equine Science Center are Horse Heroes because they serve as participants in the varied research initiatives which positively benefit the greater equine community. The herd consists of Standardbreds, many of which are former racehorses. Horse Heroes in the research herd contribute to knowledge of horse health by assisting equine scientists and students to advance the well-being and performance of all horses and the equine industry. Recent studies conducted at the Equine Science Center include: the effects of age and training on glucose metabolism; how specific gut-derived bacteria could influence the development of laminitis; environmental best management practices on a horse farm; exercise physiology of the older horse; and numerous other studies.


By sponsoring a Horse Hero, You Can be a Hero, too!



How do I become a Sponsor?

You can sponsor a horse 3 different ways:
Become a ‘Super Hero’ by donating $2000 per year
Become a ‘Champion’ by donating $1000 per year
Become a ‘Hero’ by donating $500 per year



What are the benefits of being a Sponsor?

Pictures of your horse hero
Correspondence and updates from students
Exclusive open house invitations
Your name listed on the Equine Science Center website
Recognition in the Equine Science Center newsletter



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Pat Colbert & Kate Steenberg (JUNE for 2012)
Pat Colbert & Kate Steenberg (JUNE for 2013)


Jeanine McKay (FRANKIE)
Autumn Ridge Pony Club (JACKIE)
New Jersey Region Pony Club (JACKIE)
Somerset Hills Pony Club (JACKIE)
Somerset Hills Pony Club (BISCUIT)
Gloucester County 4-H Equine Science Club (WINNIE)









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