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Podcast Series

Recognizing the growing trend in multi-tasking, the Equine Science Center has created a series of podcasts for learners "on the go" or on their computers.  Using the latest in learning techniques, the podcasts cover some of the most requested information presented in the popular print-version Fact Sheets produced by Rutgers Cooperative Extension faculty and posted on the Equine Science Center's website.


"Horses in the Morning" on Horse Radio Network

Equine Science Center faculty members are regularly featured on "Horses in the Morning" radio to provide horse health and horse care expertise.


December 10
“Senior Horse Care” presented by Dr. Karyn Malinowski -
Time Point - 33:00


October 22
"Equine Inflammation” presented by Dr. Karyn Malinowski
Time Point - 18:20


September 24
"Similarities Between Horses and Humans" presented by Ken McKeever

Time point - 21:45


July 30
"Horses and Antioxidants and Oxidative Stress" presented by Carey Williams

Time point - 21:45


June 25
"Biosecurity and Equine Health Certificates for Transportation" presented by Clint Burgher

Time point - 21:45


May 28
"Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM)" presented by Dr. Michael Fugaro

Time point - 15:05

"Horse Manure - Best Management Practices" presented by Dr. Michael Westendorf

Time point - 33:38


April 30
"Introducing the Center and Horse racing industry" presented by Dr. Karyn Malinowski

Time point - 31:50



Equine Athletes Go for Gold

Karyn Malinowski was featured in a podcast on the stress of competition for the equine athlete. 


Webinar Series

The Equine Science Center offers two webinar series per year, spring and fall.  By definition, a webinar is a seminar, presentation, and/or lecture transmitted over the internet. Webinars are designed to be interactive with the ability to give, receive, and discuss information.



New Jersey Economic Impact Study Video

“The New Jersey Equine Industry, 2007” is the result of eighteen months of work led by the Equine Science Center, involving government agencies on the federal and state level and several equine-related organizations and private individuals. It is based on the first comprehensive study of the state horse industry since 1996 and reports on the impact of the equine industry on New Jersey’s economy, on traditional agriculture, and on the preservation of open space.


"The Gaming Industry in New Jersey: The Present and the Future" forum

Karyn Malinowski was an invited guest speaker during "The Gaming Industry in New Jersey: The Present and the Future" forum held at Rutgers Newark in late March 2011.  Dr. Malinowski's presentation begins around the 01:18:00 mark.


Farm Management Video Series

The New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES), Rutgers Equine Science Center, New Jersey Department of Agriculture (NJDA), with support from North Carolina State University, recently released a series of farm management videos via the NJAES YouTube channel.

Six videos, each under nine minutes, were produced as an educational resource for livestock farmers, policy makers, and others actively involved in agricultural regulation. The videos demonstrate best practices and provide expert guidance to help farmers with several areas of farm management. The video titles are:  Animal Waste Management on Small Livestock Farms; Manure Spreader Calibration; Soil Testing - A Must for Proper Pasture Management; Evaluating Your Pasture on Small Livestock Farms; Nutrient Management on Small Farms; and Utilizing Centralized Composting Facilities.


Young Horse Teaching and Research Program

RU-tv, the university's campus television network, filmed a segment featuring the Young Horse Teaching and Research program. 


Breakfast at the Barracks

Karyn Malinowski was featured on "Breakfast at the Barracks", a Rutgers University television talk show featuring faculty, students, staff and alumni whose work impacts students, the state, and the world. 


Horses on Treadmills?!

Have you ever seen a horse running on a treadmill?  The video is a behind-the-scenes look of a Graded Exercise Test at the Center's Equine Exercise Physiology Treadmill Laboratory. 


Equine Science Center on ESPN

The Equine Science Center was recently featured on ESPN during the broadcast of the Rutgers versus Pittsburgh football game on Friday, October 16, 2009. The segment, which aired during the fourth quarter of the game, showed footage of Snowdrift, a standardbred mare, exercising on the high-speed equine treadmill. The video clip also mentioned the significance of the Equine Science Center as a resource to the equine industry and for its scientific research which benefits both horses and humans.. 





The goal of the “Rutgers Equine Science Center” Facebook page is to create a shared sense of community among alumni, students, faculty, staff and equine enthusiasts. The Facebook page includes news alerts, upcoming events, and a discussion forum. The Facebook page is open to the public and anyone can join, although one must have a Facebook account to do so. (Facebook accounts are free, and there is no membership fee to join the group).



Virtual Tour   

Ryders Lane

The Equine Science Center and the New Jersey Department of Agriculture collaborated to create the Ryders Lane Environmental Best Management Practices Demonstration Horse Farm virtual tour. The virtual tour features a photographic storyboard detailing each individual Best Management Practice currently demonstrated at the Ryders Lane farm. The BMPs have been divided into four categories: Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP), Manure, Water, and Pasture. As visitors peruse the four categories, they will find pictures of the farm with accompanying descriptive text explaining the purpose of each BMP.


Equine Exercise Physiology Laboratory

The virtual tour features a photographic storyboard detailing the processes involved
in successfully completing a graded exercise test (GXT) and a simulated race test (SRT), the two types of equine exercise tests conducted at the treadmill lab. The virtual tour has been divided into three categories: Preparing for an Exercise Test; Performing an Exercise Test; and Exercise Test Data Analysis. As visitors peruse the three categories, they will find pictures of various steps and stages of the test as well as descriptive text detailing each picture.


New Jersey is Horse Country

New Jersey is indeed horse country—more than 42,000 equine animals reside in the state. They represent a major racing, breeding, and recreational riding industry and help to maintain open space, keeping the Garden State green.










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