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Honor Roll












   Honor Roll


Honorarium and Memoriam


         Commemorating a special person or animal with a gift to the Equine Science Center can be tremendously satisfying. It is a lasting tribute to a friend, colleague, or loved one and provides valuable support to New Jersey's leading equine research facility.


         Memorial remembrances may be made with a gift of $50 or more. For further information on making a gift of any kind in support of the Equine Science Center, contact the Center at 848-932-9419, or via email at Gifts may also be made securely online or via postal mail using our downloadable donation form.



Donation form for Friends and Family | Donation form for Pets and Other Animals



In Honor of Friends & Family


     Often individuals honor friends or family members with a gift to their favorite philanthropic organization. Below are the names of those who have been honored with a gift to the Equine Science Center.


Cathy Decker and Leo McNamara
Sandy Denarski
Patricia Hogan, D.V.M., ACVS
Charles F. Kearns
Daniel P Keenan, V.M.D.
Ron McAlister, V.M.D.
Lynsey Makkreel, V.M.D.
Karyn Malinowski, Ph.D.
Josephine Mckie
David Meirs II, V.M.D.
Taylor and June Palmer
Sarah L. Ralston, V.M.D, Ph.D.
Kelly Steimle
Sharon Vaillancourt, D.V.M., MS
John M. Walsh, D.V.M.
Pamela Arena Weidel



In Honor of Special Pets & Animals


     Organizations or individuals may also choose to donate a gift in honor of a special pet or animal. Below are the names of those who have donated a gift to the Equine Science Center.


Trinity Episcopal Church


In Memory of Friends & Family


         There is a time-honored tradition of philanthropic giving in memory of beloved friends and family. Many members of the horse community have chosen to make commemorative gifts to the Equine Science Center. The names of those memorialized appear below on the Equine Science Center Honor Roll.


Ellen "Scotty" Bennett
John A. Cashman, Jr.
Stephen P. Dey, II, D.V.M
Paul Doherty
Richard E. Doran, DVM
Georgianne Jones
Mary L. Klink
Marge Lake
Geraldine Leonarski
Mitchell Leonarski
Patricia A. McLoughlin
Lt. Col. James V. Marsh
Alfred Sasso
Arthur S. Willets



In Memory of Special Pets & Animals

         Several veterinarians have pledged to provide memorial donations for their clients' animals. We would especially like to thank Dr. Daniel P. Keenan and Dr. Ron McAlister of Keenan McAlister Equine, Bordentown, New Jersey and Dr. Sharon Vaillancourt of Atlantic Equine Clinic, Egg Harbor, New Jersey.  Individuals also make donations in memory of their horses, pets and other animals. Following is our memorial Honor Roll for these special animals:


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Abby Ali Amigo
An Early Edition Annie Arizona



Battle Clip Bear Bear Canyon
Beast Beau Benson
Betsy Switzer Bey Haliman Biggie
Big Guy Big Red Bill
Billy Blaze Blondie "Collectable Item"
Blue Bo Bob
Bobby Born to Boogie Born to Shop
Brandi Alexandra Brilliant Sea Bubblegum
Bucky Buddy Buddy Ellis
Burgan Buttercup  



Callahan Casey Cash
Cassanova Cassie Chance
Chelsey Cinnabar Clancy
Clancey Clover Clyde
Cody Colty Copper
Cordova Cotton  



Dakota Daydream's Surprise Diamond
Dixon's Fete D'Hiver Dominick Don't Cross Kid Rock
Dream in Motion Dublin Dutchess




Ebbie Ebony's Black Joy "Molly" Electra
Elisa El Sarielle Moment Empire



Fancy Filly Finnegan
Fiona Flashy Fleetwood Flyer "Ogee"
Flip Forio Frankie
Frenchie Frisko  



George Ginger Gracie
Grey Guy  



Happy Hawk He the Cool Man
Herbie Heza. A Natural Gold "Charlie" Holly
Honey Hoof Prince Hoover



Impress A Truckle "Callie" Ireland  



Jack Daniels Jane's Coupe Jay
Jazzmine Jazzy JC
Jenny Joe Joker
Jule Justice  



Kadators Jag "George" Kahlua Kastello



Lacy Lady Lady Drift Gitter "Sassy"
Leila Leo Lightening's Top Down "Raven"
Lily Little BIt Little Roy
Lizzie LucJean Lucky
Lucky Commandorr Lucky Luciano Luscious Lisa



Mabel Majestic Malibu
Maria Marco Marty
May Mikey Mimi
Mini-Me Miracle Misty
Misty Rose Molly Montana
Moose Mr. Billie Bob My Favorite One "Gabriel"
Mystery of Chicoteague    



Napolitano Nevada New York Native
Nic NIH Last Fling Nikki
Norman Not a Bad Kid  



Oliver Twist Omar  



Patches Littleman aka "Winston" Patty Pepper Me Sqaw "Mia"
Pete Phis Picture Hat
Pirate Pokeman Prince
Prince of a Clark Pudgey  






R. Prince Tom Cat Rafiki Raven
Razzle Reflection Reno
Ride N Seeka Jackpot Rocket Bar Grand Rookie
Rosie Royal Lynn Royal Sherri



Sacchi Sadie Sally
Sam Sam I Am Samantha's Playmate
Sambucca Sarah Seabiscut
Sequoia Serendipity SF Tsa Rouge
Shaheen Shamus Sharif
Sierra Skip Sky
Skye Smiley Smokey
Smooch Sock Money Sonny
Sons Sugar Darlin "Darlin" Sparky Cajun Spirit
Spritzie Squirt Starbaby
Stormy Strawberry Shortcake "Sammi" Streaker
Sullivan's Law Summer Shore Sundance Susan
Super Boy Sweet Sweet X-Ray



Tara Tatiana "Tati" TC Skippin J
Thelwell Timmy Tongue In Cheek "TC"
Toothless Toro Trapper
Tribal Smoke "Mikey" Tucker Tyler






Vivacious Volador  




Wendy WF Conquistador "Boomer" Who's TC
Willing to Wait "Willie" Wind Wizzard



Yankee Go Forwood Yoda Yosi Girl



Zenit Zippo Zoey





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