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Dr. Karyn Malinowski and

Spring 2014

Dear Friends,

            Hopefully by the time you receive this newsletter there will be more evidence of spring’s arrival besides the return to daylight savings time. This has been a tough winter for everyone, our equine friends included! Thanks to all of our dedicated Animal Care staff and students who have been extremely persistent in conducting several research trials during all of this inclement weather. Now I know why people and horses go “south” for the winter. It’s been very difficult to ride and train horses with all of the snow and ice making for unsafe footing for horses and humans!

            With that said, Center faculty, students and staff have still been out spreading the word about “Better Horse Care through Research and Education.” At the New Jersey Department of Agriculture’s All Breed Awards Luncheon on January 26, we had the pleasure of presenting the Governor’s Trophy to the Landy Family as “Horsepersons of the Year.” Congratulations to the Landys, new members of the “Community of’50’ for Equine Excellence,” and to Sam who also received the 2014 “Unsung Hero” award from the United States Harness Writers Association on February 23 for his work in developing the increasingly successful Open Space Pace. Congratulations also to our own Amanda Xiu, the 2014 recipient of the Ernest Bell Memorial Scholarship.

            The annual Horse Management Seminar, “Caring for your Equine Athlete,” held on February 9 was both informative and highly entertaining! Thanks to all of the Olympic equestrians who participated in the panel discussion; you all were FABULOUS and to Rick Wills and Charlie O’Brien for their dynamic presentation on saddle fitting for all disciplines. We all gasped as Rick took a box cutter and ripped open the demonstration saddle to ‘make a point’! He sure did!

            In January, Emil Sadloch and I co-taught the fourth class of the “Developing Future Leaders for the Equine Industry” course. I continue to be inspired by the students taking this course but am also dismayed that issues identified as threats to the sustainability of the New Jersey horse industry in 2008 are still issues in 2014. We’re taking baby steps in bringing together members of all four classes in an effort to be able to make some positive changes in addressing these critical industry issues.

            In the coming months, you will hear about some upcoming events as fundraisers for the Center. During this “Year of the Horse,” we’re hoping to cast a wider net to attract new friends to the Center. In the meantime, I hope to personally see many of you at Ag Field Day at Rutgers Day on Saturday, April 26. It’s a good time to catch up with fellow alumni for a day of good family fun. As always there will be an opportunity to see the Horse Hero mares “strut their stuff ” in the horse show and to experience the ever-exciting treadmill demo by one of our teaching/research horses. Alumni, please don’t forget the 10K Alumni Challenge. You have until June 30 to help support the work of the Equine Science Center for decades to come. Make sure that others have the opportunity to experience the hands-on research opportunities that you had when you were here at CAES, Cook College, or SEBS.




Karyn Malinowski, Ph.D.
Director, Equine Science Center






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