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Animals in Disasters:
Upcoming Events and Training Opportunities in 2012
Animal Emergency Working Group Symposium (AEWG)
Community Emergency Response Training (CERT)


March 12, 2012: AEWG Annual Symposium: “WEATHERING THE STORM”


To be held at the Burlington County Emergency Services Training Center, Westampton, NJ
For more information, contact Deb Moscatiello at:

Courses available on-line
The following are all free interactive web based courses that are either required or recommended by most animal response teams. In addition to the opportunity to take them on-line, some of these courses are occasionally offered through community training centers or OEM training centers. If you prefer classroom learning to on-line learning, check with your County OEM to see if any of these courses are being offered locally.

• IS-700.a NIMS An Introduction:

• ICS 100b – Introduction to Incident Command System (ICS-100):

• ICS 200b – ICS for Single Resource & Initial Action Incidents (Recommended for supervisors):

• IS-10.a - Animals in Disasters: Awareness and Preparedness:

• IS-11.a - Animals in Disasters: Community Planning:

• IS-111.a - Livestock in Disasters:



Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

If you are interested in becoming involved in or if you are already involved in Animal Emergency Response or a County Animal Response Team (CART), consider the cross training opportunity offered by CERT training. (Note: some CARTs require this cross training.)

CERT training was originally developed & implemented by the L.A. City Fire Dept., the concept is based on the recognition that catastrophic disasters will leave large numbers of citizens on their own for the period of time it takes the professionally trained rescuers to organize and respond. Training “people to help people” is the goal of this course. Basic lifesaving and life sustaining skills and information will be delivered in several sessions and will include the following topical areas: Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Fire Suppression, Disaster Medical Operations, Light Search and Rescue, Disaster Psychology and Team Organization. You choose the level of participation according to your ability and personal preference. The intent of this training is to prepare you to be able to help yourself, your family and neighbors in a time of emergency or disaster to the best of your ability. If you choose to join a local volunteer Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), there are a variety of assignments available regardless of your physical capabilities.

CERT training is frequently offered through local channels -- OEM, community colleges, local fire and EMT training centers. Check with your County OEM to see if there are courses being offered nearby.

• Mercer County Community College is offering a CERT course this spring.
The class tuition is provided with funding assistance from the annual federal homeland security grant issued to the County of Mercer for homeland security and preparedness efforts.

Total Cost: $10 (tuition free; fees $10)
Non-credit course catalog number: XFW349-101439
Feb 15-Apr 14*
9 sessions W 7-10pm
1 session Sa* 9am-2pm
*Saturday class meets Apr 14
*Meets at Dempster Fire Training Center, 350 Lawrence Station Rd., Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
Mercer County Fire Academy and OEM

 For more information go to:


















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