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The Rutgers Equine Science Center offers an invaluable variety of programs, products and services to students, enthusiasts, owners, breeders, trainers, veterinary practitioners and more throughout the Garden State.


In honor of its 10th anniversary in 2011, the Center published a list of its Top 10 Initiatives to Ensure the Well-Being of Horses and the Equine Industry and the Top 10 Ways it Works for You and Your Horses.  The "Top 10" brochure emphasizes the importance of the Equine Science Center.



Stable Management Program

Equine Business Development Program

  • Scientific testing and validation of innovative equine products and processes
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Financial management and planning
  • Horse and farm owner networking events

Equine Performance & Well-Being

Workforce Development and Training Programs

  • Courses in horse management, nutrition, physiology and leadership for credit and through the Office of Continuing Professional Education
  • Certification program through Annual Horse Management Seminar and Short Courses
  • Providing future labor force through undergraduate and graduate degree programs
  • Student internships through the Cooperative Education Program
  • Annual Equine Science Update
  • Online Horse Management and Nutrition courses
  • Hands-on horse handling and scientific techniques for future veterinary students
  • Pre-veterinary education

Regulations and Compliance Support

  • Development of tests for performance-altering substances
  • Assistance with nutrient waste management planning
  • Assistance with Farmland Assessment, Right to Farm policies for horse farm owners and local government
  • Assistance with horse racing/sport horse regulatory agencies
  • News of CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operations) and AFO (animal feeding operations) regulations
  • AMPs (agricultural management practices) for commercial equine operations

Youth Programs

  • Statewide 4-H Horse Program
  • Involvement with therapeutic riding programs (research and volunteer staffing)
  • Education and character development
  • Middle school and high school outreach programs 

Impact on the Equine Industry in New Jersey and Nationally

The Equine Science Center provides over 200 nutritional consults per year, locally and throughout the U.S. Conferences, seminars, short courses, and lectures are routinely developed and offered to industry novices, experienced owners, breeders, veterinarians and others, resulting in better horse care.


Examples of specific impacts:

Nutritional research on glucose/insulin levels of young horses resulted in the establishment of new lines/feed products for younger horses by major feed manufacturers, and research on nutritional needs of geriatric horses resulted in development of “senior” feed formulas.


Faculty at the Equine Science Center are worldwide leaders in the area of aging and care for older horses, which resulted in presentations of management recommendations globally. Pivotal research resulted in the development of hormone therapy for older horses.


A major new study of the impact of the equine industry on the New Jersey economy and on traditional agriculture and the preservation of open space was initiated in 2006 and reported in 2007.


Research and support to the racing industry resulted in the New Jersey Supreme Court decision to uphold the accuracy of the blood gas machine which is used to detect horses treated with performance-enhancing agents. A total of 54 pending cases will be tried based on this decision.


Confirmed research explores equine stress - its causes, effects and preventative measures.


Research into the study of the hormone relaxin resulted in assistance for Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome (a $500 million economic loss in Kentucky in 2001).








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