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  Webinar Series




The Equine Science Center aims to promote equine science education and advance its mission of better horse care through research and education by offering online learning opportunities such as a webinar series.


By definition, a webinar is a seminar, presentation, and/or lecture transmitted over the internet. Webinars are designed to be interactive with the ability to give, receive, and discuss information.


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Fall 2014


December 2
"Obesity in Horses" presented by Dr. Ingrid Vervuert


November 18
"Gastric Ulcers in Horses" presented by Dr. Ingrid Vervuert


Spring 2014


April 23
"Pasture Management” presented by Dr. Carey Williams


April 30
"Tips for Managing Horses with Equine Metabolic Syndrome” presented by Dr. Bridgett McIntosh



Fall 2012


November 15

"Predicting Pasture Intake and Its Practical Application in Managing Grazing Horses” presented by Dr. Paul Siciliano


December 4

"Optimizing Equine Forage Use” presented by Dr. Krishona Martinson



Spring 2012


April 3

"Horse Promotion and Marketability” presented by Dr. Bill Day


April 10

"Refeeding the Starved Horse” presented by Dr. Carolyn Stull



Fall 2011


October 26

"Resources Available for Assistance after a Disaster Declaration” presented by Mary Goepfert


November 9

"Emergency Planning and Preparedness for Horse and Farm” presented by Dr. Shari Silverman



Spring 2011


March 15

"Orthopedic Problems in the Old Horse” presented by Dr. Michael Fugaro


March 22

"Overview of Older Horse Physiology” presented by Dr. Karyn Malinowski



Fall 2010


September 7

"Nutrient Management Plan Training” presented by Dr. Michael Westendorf


September 21

"Pasture Renovation and Weed Control’” presented by Dr. Bill Bamka


October 5

"Rotational Grazing for Happier, Healthier Horses and Pastures” presented by Dr. Amy Burk


October 19

"Winter Care for Your Horse” presented by Dr. Carey Williams



Spring 2010


March 23

"Equine Parasites” presented by Dr. Michael Sukhdeo


March 9

"Making Sense out of ‘Metabolic Syndrome’” presented by Dr. Sarah Ralston



Fall 2009


October 26

"Importance of Pasture for Horses” presented by Dr. Carey Williams


November 2
“Future of the NJ Horse Industry – The Impact the Demise of Racing Has on YOU!” presented by Dr. Karyn Malinowski


November 9

“Basic Equine Behavior” presented by Dr. Sarah Ralston


November 16
“Comparative Exercise Physiology: How We Are Like Our Horses” presented by Dr. Ken McKeever








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